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Live Aloha Wherever You Are

Share the Aloha Spirit!

The Aloha Spirit

Live Aloha is a clothing boutique that spreads good vibes by representing the Aloha Spirit.

Aloha is a beautiful and meaningful Hawaiian word. The literal translation of the phrase is [Alo] meaning 'presence' and [Hā] meaning 'breath.' Together the word aloha translates to 'The presence of breath' or 'breath of life'. When someone greets you with "Aloha", it is a warm welcome and acceptance that acknowledges that you are us, we are you, and that we find joy in sharing our life energy / breath of life with you. Aloha!

Live Aloha

To Live Aloha is a way of life!

Be in unity and harmony.

Be accepting, honest, patient, loving, and kind to all life forms.

Live Aloha wherever you are!

From the people
From the people
Live Aloha is more than just a clothing company! When I wear my Live Aloha clothing, I'm reminded of the interconnectedness of life and that every moment is an opportunity to joyfully share the Aloha spirit.
— Kristen M.
From the people
"Aloha" means to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen and to know the unknowable.

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Represent Aloha

Live Aloha wherever you are!

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The world needs us more than ever

Live Aloha Wherever You Are

When we strive to live in unity with our neighbours and environment, we bring the Aloha Spirit to life.